Massage therapy is a manual therapy that induces relaxation, exerts an analgesic effect through stimulating endorphin release, helps to decrease muscle tension and increases blood and lymphatic circulation. Massage therapy can be used for relaxation & stress management purposes, as well as complement during the treatment of a musculoskeletal disorder to help reduce pain.

Massage therapy promotes relaxation (muscular and nervous), blood and lymphatic circulation, and psycho-physical awareness.

Massage therapy works at the muscular, ligamentary and circulatory levels. The techniques are chosen according to the needs of the individual.


Also called "classic massage", Swedish massage is the most frequently used type of massage. Its techniques include: effleurage (sliding), kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction (perpendicular or parallel to the fibers) and vibrations, which can be light or vigorous.

Swedish massage can be therapeutic or relaxing: it helps to reduce joint pain and stiffness, improves mood and plays a positive role in stress management.